About Us


Eurabia Ltd was established 2009 in the United Arab Emirates and operates under European Management. The company is  based in Dubai and provides services to real estate developers and owners of properties in the tourism and hospitality sector. Such services are the Development and implementation of Hotel and Restaurant Concepts, Interior Design, Technical Services, Business Plans, Financial Forecasts, Management of Projects and Operations, Training of Employees, specific Equipment and Accessories.

In addition, the company organizes the import an distribution of food, beverage as well as relevant equipment and accessories to Middle East countries.

Eurabia Ltd is registered in the United Arab Emirates.


Eurabia GmbH is based in Vienna, Austria and specialised in consolidating and exporting cargo from Europe to the Middle East. Furthermore, the company provides services in sourcing specialised human resources and training of employees. 

Eurabia GmbH is registered in Austria.


Live Seafood Shop and Seafood Distribution Company

The company is specialized in retail and wholesale of live and fresh seafood, sourced locally and imported from various countries in Europe, the Americas, Australia, Africa and Asia.

THE BIG BLU isregistered in Abu Dhabi, UAE