Every project needs to get funded. Some are funded internally, others externally or in a combination in-between. All projects have one thing in common: their funding depends on how realistic and clear the business and financial plan projects the profitability and return on investment.
It makes no difference if you fund the project yourself or if it is funded through other sources. A business is only worth investing in if it is likely to be profitable and the funding party needs to be convinced. Producing a realistic business plan accompanied by a detailed financial forecast is one of our strongest and most reliable services we offer. 
To write a business plan or financial forecast, we use the best software available in the market. When the project is delivered, you have the option to keep the software and use it in the future.
Once funded, the use of the business plan and financial forecast does not end. Integrated features let you fine tune or correct the course of your business, revise cash flow, capital expenditures or operational expenses.
Having the financial department reporting that your business made financial losses is not what you want. Instead you need to know in advance what will happen in the next week, the next month and the next quarter, so you can take measures before losses occur.
For more details about our business plans and financial forecasts, please contact us via email for an example.