We design and construct restaurants, food outlets or cafés in all sizes from a small 10 m2 food court unit to a full scale multi-purpose 2,000 m2 plus restaurant.  Regardless of the scale of a dining area, all restaurants share common components that must be planned, carefully organized and should interact harmoniously.
While most interior designers are familiar with the planning and layout of a dining area, only few are acquainted with the functional planning of a kitchen or food production area.
Subsequently, the focus here is to highlight major considerations regarding the design of a commercial kitchen for a restaurant, bakery or café.  The following items are the essential issues or elements that we focus on when designing the kitchen area of a restaurant or café.
·         Site / Building Evaluation to verify Suitability

·         Equipment Schedule based on Menu Requirements

·         Physical Space Requirements

·         Process Map of Food Handling and Preparation Techniques

·         Layout of Kitchen Equipment and Workstations

·         Dry Storage and Refrigeration Requirements

·         Preliminary Regulatory Review

·         HVAC  Requirements

·         Ventilation Hood, Make Up Air and Fire Suppression Requirements

·         Sizing and Installation for Grease Interceptor

·         Hot Water Requirements

·         Gas and Electrical Service

The very first step is to understand the proposed Menu for the restaurant. The Menu range and versatility should be the driving force in selecting kitchen equipment and understanding required support spaces.  Once the equipment and space requirements are identified, the design team can prepare a preliminary design of the layout. This preliminary design in turn can be used by the engineering members to prepare conceptual engineering systems for the HVAC and MEP requirements.
Once initial coordination is complete, the next step is to set a preliminary design review meeting and obtain all necessary approvals from the local building department and civil defence.  Once approved, construction can commence.